Official and Important Announcement !

It’s time to reveal that the dojo will now have a new name. We will still have Eltham Martial Arts Academy as our Sub- heading so to speak as our history is tied there. But properly encompass what we do at EMAA and to give us a recognisable name.....I have chosen the name ‘Musubi Dojo‘. There are different translations of the word Musubi. The specific meaning and Kanji that we have chosen is that which means a union or joining - a coming together. And that’s what the dojo is to me. It’s where people of all ages, races, genders , families etc come together. It’s where we all find our differences and our commonalities together. At our’s where different Martial Arts Styles work together and learn from each other. It’s where hearts and bodies meet minds.


we provide a safe and comfortable environment to encourage you to get yourself back into training so you can move and live and breathe and be


Bellatrix means Female Warrior. Let our Fun but challenging class get you fit and string. Ladies only!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Predominantly a non-striking martial art. Excellent ground and self-defence skills. Great for males and females alike.

Junior BJJ

Jiu Jitsu is a fun but skill focused class teaching kids to control an attacker using non-striking techniques.


A dynamic traditional martial art teaching re-direction of power, joint locks and throws.

Kyokushin Karate

A strong, true and traditional Karate. Founded by Mas Oyama. Famous for it's full contact fighters.

Junior Karate

Kyokushin Karate syllabus without the contact. Great for self defence & fitness.


Strong Kickboxing syllabus with Muay Thai techniques. Fitness with a purpose!

Fighting fit

Energetic class with bagwork, fitness, strength and conditioning

Eltham Martial Arts Academy - Musubi Dojo
Eltham Martial Arts Academy - Musubi DojoThursday, June 13th, 2019 at 10:28am
I cleaned the shop out of these ..... well I got their last 8!
Kyokushin tie or shirt pins : you don't come across these much here in Aust. I have 7 left for $8 each - be quick !
Eltham Martial Arts Academy - Musubi Dojo
Eltham Martial Arts Academy - Musubi DojoTuesday, June 11th, 2019 at 4:20pm
On Saturday we took a team of 7 to a huge Jiujitsu event - Grappling Industries Melbourne. We had a heap of great matches, won 3 medals, and enjoyed many highlights. Memorable moments included watching 2 of our students - Father & Son - compete for the first time on adjacent mats, followed by one of our Husband & Wife duos also fighting at the same time!

Coach Chris Freeman was first up for the adults in the Brown Belt Division. He started with 3 submission wins in a row, including one in only 15 seconds, and moved into the final. His opponent in the final was outstanding and took the victory, leaving Chris with the Silver Medal.

Tarin had great success in his third competition. He also scored 3 consecutive submission wins - before being eliminated in the challenging 22-man, 95kg division.

Brad & Jonah are both new to BJJ and showed incredible skills in their matches. High schooler Jonah stepped up into the Adult division, and won his first ever match with an under-30-second submission win. What a way to start - he ended up in 5th place in a group of 10 adults! Brad had 3 excellent matches, leading on the scoreboard in each match before falling to some skilled submissions.

Mish Hu had several opponents withdraw on the day, and ended up having 3 very close matches against the same girl. It was up and down throughout, with Mish taking one win and collecting a Silver Medal.

Toby took on his role as our Kids tournament tester - he often jumps in to see whether an event is kid friendly - the referees, the rules, the matches - before we recommend other students to compete. Happy to report Toby scored 2 submissions and won a Bronze medal for his efforts. I look forward to taking a team of our best kids down to a future Grappling Industries event.

*And we can't forget Dojo family member Nam who brings his whole family to train with us - but he is officially part of our associated gym Legends MMA & Fitness. Nam scored a heap of Victories (5 in a row I think!) in a huge division and scored a Silver Medal too :)
Eltham Martial Arts Academy - Musubi Dojo
Eltham Martial Arts Academy - Musubi DojoTuesday, June 11th, 2019 at 12:41pm
Kinder Karate is my favourite class - I'm bigger than everyone ! Osu
Tues is our little class .... and Caitlin had to leave early ..... but here is Kei and I 👊🏼
Eltham Martial Arts Academy - Musubi Dojo
Eltham Martial Arts Academy - Musubi DojoMonday, June 10th, 2019 at 1:24pm
Another reminder !
Queens Birthday today :
Only class running is Adult Karate 7-8.30 pm
Juniors and anyone welcome. Osu

  • Bellatrix Bring out your female warrior

  • Kyokushin Karate Traditional Full Contact Karate

  • Kickboxing Elbows, Knees, Punches & Kicks

  • General Fitness Fighting Fit - Cardio, weights, balls, bags

  • Kids Karate Focus, Discipline, Confidence

  • Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fun and energetic self defence, takedowns and submissions

I've been a member of EMAA for over a year and lost 22kg. There are big gym names in the industry but there's not personal service. That's what I love about EMAA.

Sharon Fulcher

I've been a member at EMAA for five years now and have probably saved $5,000 on chiro and osteo work that I was having on a regular basis because of a sore back.

James Taylor

I love the social aspect of EMAA. I hardly notice the training because I have so many friends to train with there. It makes training easy.

Kim Ormond