Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, go to and fill in your details

Do you have to book for a free trial?
That's not necessary, you can however  give us a call to say that you are coming over.
Do you have to book classes?
At this stage you don't, if however we get beyond a certain count this might be implented.
What is the minimum age for classes?

For the junior Karate it is

5+ years

For kinder karate it is

Between 3 and 5

For the BearCubs class it is

8+ years

For the junior Jiu-Jitsu it is

6+ years

For all the other classes it is

14+ years

When are you open?

Willem and I are present most of the time during the day for office work, personal training and/or group classes. Feel free to walk in for information when the door is open

For the class roster go to:

Get in ToucH


A Martial Arts dojo & Fitness centre located in Eltham Victoria. Come and find us for Kickboxing, BJJ, Aikido, Karate, Group training & Personal training

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