Functional group training in Eltham
Load bearing

Build a sturdy frame  that can handle load well without any discomfort.

Private infrated sauna Eltham
Temperature shock

Train your body & mind to handle extreme heat and cold.

Mindfulness in Eltham

Everything related to sensing your internal world, like breathing, thoughts, emotions, muscles and general awareness.

Kids group fitness in Eltham

A bit of healthy competition, having fun and not taking life too seriously.

Outdoor fitness training Eltham

Build a strong engine that supports stable energy levels throughout the day.

Functional fitness in Eltham

Learn to move in an efficient and balanced manner, whether you're calm or under stress.

HIIT in Eltham

Learn how to exert maximum force in case a situation requires it.

Self defense class in Eltham
Self defense

Get basic self-defense skills to grow confidence and improved social skills.

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Women-only fitness in Eltham
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Personal trainer Willem van Zanten


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A Martial Arts dojo & Fitness centre located in Eltham Victoria. Come and find us for Kickboxing, BJJ, Yoga, Karate, Group training & Personal training

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