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The kids are taught respect to their instructors as well as to their peers.
Kids karate in Eltham


Stepping onto the mats can be very daunting, and even more so competition. Through exposure our kids learn how to handle stress and walk through life with confidence.

Martial Arts classes for kids in Eltham

Social Skil

Due to the inherent physical contact during Martial Arts classes the kids learn how to be social by reading their opponent during activities such as sparring.

Martial Arts for kids in Eltham


Every kids class will have a fitness component to it to allow the group to blow off steam after sitting in a classroom all day. 

Kids brazilian jiu-jitsu Eltham


The kids at our dojo get to work towards getting a higher rank (belt) and/or getting a medal during competition, and through that learn how to work for things.

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