Martial Arts for the whole family

Train with the whole family

Get your whole family fit by letting your children join our kids or junior classes whilst you partake in the adults classes

Learn self defense in Eltham

Learn how to defend yourself

Learn how to defend yourself against an opponent in any situation. 

Martial Arta for women Eltham

Compete in Martial Arts

Test the skills that you've built up by joining Karate and/or Jiu Jitsu competitions.

Kids playroom Eltham

Let your children play in our kids room

Let your kids entertain themselves whilst you relax during our classes
Martial Arts shop

Get equipment from our shop

Buy a pair of minimalist shoes, a sandbag or Martial Arts equipment

Awards night Musubi dojo

Attend our events

We host regular awards nights, Martial Arts camps, sound healing sessions and more.

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Open area gym Eltham
Kickboxing area Gym Eltham
Functional gym Eltham (1)
Second open area in gym Eltham
Entrance Eltham Martial Arts Academy (1)
Exterior Eltham Martial Arts Academy
Seating area for parents
Outside area Eltham wellness centre
Indoor ice bath in Eltham


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A Martial Arts dojo & Fitness centre located in Eltham Victoria. Come and find us for Muay thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu , Kyokushin Karate & Functional fitness

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Factory 9/1625 Main rd, Research 3095 Victoria, Australia