Why Personal training

Everybody has those days where they don't feel like showing up, don't know what to do and/or want to quit early. These are the days that count the most because it shows your resolution.

Having someone that is expecting you, planning for you and actively checking up on you can make the difference between an interesting idea and reality.

Have you accepted your current reality or are you interested to see what real coaching and personal training can do to improve your life?

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What do you get out of it

Natural movements

Moving how we are designed to move in many awkward and challenging ways so that you stay mobile and flexibile

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Effective breathing

Learning how becoming aware of your breathing and controlling your breath during exercise can help

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A Balanced body

A way of training that will strengthen your body overall and lessen the chance of any pain building up in the body
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A functional body

Carrying your granddaughter around, working around the house or moving furniture around; our training will help with all of that

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Increased vitality

Getting out of bed in the morning, dropping off the kids, doing groceries can take a toll on your energy levels. Proper training can help you maintain energized throughout the day.

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Lots of variation

We have been in this trade for some time and know many ways to challenge you, not variety for the sake of variety but for overall fitness

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